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Narrative From My New Book

Once there was a man, named Enoch who was taken Above and made Lord of the Angels – Metatron is as how he is known now.

I take into consideration my audience, and wish only the most wonderful and fun times through that which is known to me as magic.

I talk of Gabriel and his rule over the sea of dreams, images and illusions. Venus holds sway over the Present, a breath’s time. Mercury takes short but fast steps in a dream of mine, ruling over the time span of a moment. It’s like pouring jet fuel into a car if you engage in the perception in un-natural means. Jesus rules the time-span of a day and a night, beware Sorath and Thagirion who would seek to tell you otherwise…Mars rules a lifetime-span, and Jupiter the species-time. Sandalphon rules the evolution of all species and Saturn, the one with the Scythe may be the guise under which my appearance is made to thee, however I assure you I offer you the choice before all is said and done. I would take it were I you. Saturn also guides through the timespan of an ecosystem. Chokmah, Wisdom, is ruled by the planet Ouranos, a Lord of Magic, and whose time-clock is known as the aegis of the planet. Will-purpose-intention, Kether, is dominated by King Neptune, as sung about by Jimmy Buffett šŸ˜‰ And then there’s the Ein Soph Aur, Ein Soph, and Ein.

Ein Soph is my favorite, for it is infinite. “To infinite and beyond.” We know which little space-alien shouted that, alas his flight arrested for his mission with his friends.

My shapeshifter’s cloak holds my memories and my dreams. To those that do not know I built The Magic Shoppe from scratch, not Old Scratch but from myself.

How do I know these things as are? Do not ask and do not. Or do, with me your choice is safe and sure. I know I am free and will set you free in our meeting time.

Blessed Ein Soph, how you tickle Me, and how you set me free, hauling me to realms untethered and planes unmade, for to me will set thee free.

There are differences between Us, and differences by between the men who Are. To take the lesson from Tetris, to fit in is to disappear.

I speak of Norton, Time, and a host of other incarnations. Zane – Death, Mym – War (sounds like memoir, or grimoire perhaps you think of? This is sort of the way my mind works), Orb – Nature, and finally Fate whose guise is three. She is youngest as Clotho, mid as Niobe,Ā and eldest asĀ Lachesis.

Sometimes it is easier to speak, when I feel I have an audience that is really interested in what I have to say, when I can intentionally say the words as I wish, and when I can safely let everything afterwards go.

I have linked LS, the Linking Sigil, with magic, and with the powers around the world have constructed a lifetime’s worth of modest improvements. I linked it with Hermetic principles of vibrations, polarity, rhythm, neutrality, with a choice, with concepts of Alchemy, with concepts portrayed in the Golden Dawn, with Tarot, with Runes, with the Tree of LIFE, and with all things good and wonderful. With Magic.

There is magic for you, there is magic for you, there is magic for you. All you have to do is agree to yourself, quietly and alone if necessary, that “I have magic.” This is affirmation to reality, an opinion or agreement, that magick is real. Magic is real. Now get on with it, live thy life in accordance to your grandest wishes for they are guaranteed success. I know this for my workings in the microcosm reflect in the macrocosm. Now you should know it, as a source of wonder. Take from one another what you wish, and do what you will. Let it not be said that there is not magick.

I am not anybody but myself. I am hope, as we all are hope, and I am Colter.

I will speak as I will do my True Will. To do magic is unavoidable, it’s whether you will acknowledge that you are doing it and seek to do it right by you. This echoes Aleister Crowley.

I have delved long and hard to make my Choice and Lo it is made. We are free, fellows in whatever we choose to do. We come as the spectators to a wonder that has not been anticipated by any. We come as spectators to the Choice. It is made and now we are Free.

I choose love, amidst the Qabalah of astral maneuvers during meditation, there is an opportunity when God sets us free, that we shall know, and be creative, in Spells and Spellcasting, shall we have the alluring-enchanting-genuine-magic of gods and goddesses hitherto undreamed. For we create Them. We delve into our dark tragedies when must and come forth shining as champions of light.

The dream last night I had of the X-Men Wolverine, as an archetype was far less interesting to me than the job I did with Saturn earlier this week, we moved a hot-tub, jeeze!

Now that all this is said, the Word is Compassion.