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Pareidolia Ritual

So much success, it was guaranteed. I am the magician. I work on the behalf of myself and others.

These are the results!

1) Wonder and cheer was achieved through the simple vibrational principle of hermetic Law of Vibration, sharing and caring.
2)Realization that the laws of nature are not finished.
3) Three hours of wonder in which I watched a star slowly move through the sky, then turn orange and vanish, ‘proving’ my lady Pareidolia’s presence. A ‘misperception’ indeed, I can recognize a goddess -bows humbly, and in spooky awe-
4) Well wishes interwoven with simple sympathetic magic and reflection helped me gain ideas, probably “misperceptions” 😉 ,
that further enhanced MY ability to experience something wonderful
5) The Intent to provide happiness, and the action taken, my words and my conversations had, I hope, nothing but a healing effect.
6) My intent to conjure for modest improvement was met with a miracle! It was small, it was private, and it was detailed. I shall spend the remainder of my existence sharing this.
7) I helped one dog, fourteen people, and a couple of egregores, faeries, a godform, all while helping myself.